Panda 0.1.3-alpha

Panda 0.1.3-alpha has been released!

Changes in language:

  • GH-83 Add self return type to methods (helpful in e.g. builders), example usage:
// some interface
public interface Test {
    // interfaces also supports 'self' return type
    shared 'self test' () -> self

shared class Foo : Test {
    // we don't have to write 'return this', 
    // the self return type is generated automatically
    override 'self test' () -> self { }
  • Fixed some critical bugs:

    • GH-553 Cannot override method with compatible to parent return type
    • GH-552 Method may use 'override' modifier even if it overrides method that actually does not exist
    • GH-551 Cannot declare return type in abstract methods, e.g. in interfaces

Changes in API:

  • GH-548 Reimplement output system

    • GH-547 Fix cancerous exception handling
    • GH-548 Replace complex Messenger with simple logging API
    • GH-548 Remove slf4j logging api

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