Panda 0.1.2-alpha

Panda 0.1.2-alpha has been released! 🚀

Changes in language:

  • GH-545 Replace HJSON with CDN. You have to rename your project build file from panda.hjson to panda.cdn.
  • GH-522 Support maven artifacts as modules in package manager script
name: panda-with-java-library-dependency
version: 1.0.0
owner: dzikoysk

scripts: {
    main: app.panda

dependencies: [
    maven:org.panda-lang/[email protected]

repositories: [

Changes in API:

  • GH-527 Annotation scanner has been removed from Panda and moved to
  • GH-527 Dependency injection has been removed from Panda Utilities and moved to
  • GH-531 Remove annotation based registration of parser
  • GH-527 Move list of formatters and layouts to the dedicated classes
  • GH-541 Merge design package into language domain
  • GH-539 Rename generations to stages, rename cycle to stage and delegation property to phases
  • GH-544 Replace URLClassLoader with PandaClassLoader
  • Bump dependencies

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