How to install? 💎

Download Panda installer for your platform, and start developing today

Getting started

• At this moment we offer two ways to install Panda. The first one is dedicated for users and developers who use and create applications in Panda. The second on is for developers who want to use Panda Framework as a scripting language in their applications.


• Download installer dedicated for your platform and just launch it. You don't have to worry about JVM and any other requirements. After installation, you should be able to launch applications written in Panda.
• In case of any problems visit Panda :: Issue tracker to ask your question, or Installer :: Issue tracker in case of any problems during the installation process.


• To create your first application in Panda, download installer as it was explained in User section and start with the Guide :: Project chapter.
• If you want to use Panda as a library in your project, we also offer Maven artifacts - visit Guide :: installation to get more details.